With a dozen baskets and bird cages available in our presentation range, we are sure we have the fitting housing to have on display at your special event.

Our presentation arrangements are made from a variety of durable and attractive materials such as wood, wicker and steel. These materials have been hand-picked by our staff to ensure a beautiful elegant appearance that is also suitable for our Doves.

Learn some amazing facts about the White Doves we release in our packages.

We charge based on the amount of Doves we release, not basket or cage used. This allows our clients a greater choice of options that caters more to their taste.

If you can not find a display arrangement that you like in our range please contact and we will endeavour to find a suitable option. Although the safety and well-being of our Doves are of paramount importance to us, we are certain we can find an option that pleases even the most specific of requirements.

Small Cages (2-4 Doves)

Teahouse (Small or Large)

  • Small suitable for 2 Doves
  • Large suitable for 2-3 Doves
  • Our very popular wooden frame design
  • A Wedding favourite

Golden Oldie

  • Suitable for 2 Doves
  • Lovely Golden-Brown finish

Small Roundhouse

  • Suitable for 2-4 Doves
  • Solid wood frame design

Antique Bird Pen

  • Suitable for 2 Doves
  • Lovely Golden-Brown finish
  • For a little old-world charm

Gift Basket

  • Suitable for 2-4 Doves
  • Square crate shape design
  • A popular surprise gift for the Bride and Groom

Picnic Basket

  • Suitable for 2 Doves
  • Ribbon release
  • Each side opens to release a Dove

Heart Basket

  • Suitable for 2 Doves
  • Heart shaped design
  • Adds a touch of romance

Larger Cages (6-20 Doves)

Large Roundhouse

  • Suitable for 6-12 Doves
  • Larger alternative to Small Roundhouse

Presentation Basket

  • Suitable for 6-10 Doves
  • Basket is opened by lifting attached ribbon

Love Crate

  • Suitable for 20 Doves
  • Solid wood-frame construction
  • For a spectacular Dove release “En Masse”.

Church House

  • Suitable for 20 Doves
  • A spiritual touch to a grand release
  • For large releases at Church Weddings and Funerals

“The dove and very blessed spirit of peace.”William Shakespeare – Westmoreland in Henry IV, Part 2, Act 4.