Few symbols have as much meaning and tradition in Christian beliefs as the dove. Its long and rich heritage often represents some aspect of the divine and is shared and adapted across cultures throughout the ages. From the ancient world to modern times, this humble bird has acquired layers of meaning and cultural significance, allowing it to become a powerful addition to religious texts.

The christening of a child is a special occasion that holds great importance for a great deal of people. Releasing a white dove after a Christening is a beautiful idea for those who want to celebrate the experience with a gesture that inspires and delights people in a way that symbolises their religious beliefs.

White dove release service for Christening or Baptism

Another beautiful idea is the God Parents releasing the White Doves to represent their help in guiding this precious child’s future.

Although white doves often conjure images of a journey home for final rest, like the story of Noah they can equally represent new beginnings. A second chance and through redemption and a reclamation of innocence. These characteristics make releasing a white dove at a christening or baptism a fitting symbol.

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“It’s all very well to dream of a dove that saves, Picasso’s or the Pope’s. The one that annually coos in Our Lady’s ear half the world’s hopes.”Anthony Hecht – American Poet