Like the vast majority of people in our industry we use white homing pigeons at our releases. Doves and white homing pigeons are in the same family and the actual difference between the two goes unnoticed to all but very experienced observers.

Keeping these beautiful birds is more a labour of love as it is a business venture as caring for them takes a significant amount of money, time and love. These animals are beloved members of our family and the care we take in looking after them is rewarded to us by their good temperament, excellent health and unwavering reliability to return home.

About the doves used at weddings and funerals

In order to keep these animals healthy and safe enough to meet the demands of special event releases they must be well-trained, inoculated and get regularly checked by vets to make sure they are in good shape and disease free. Although these birds are well-suited to event releases, and we are very accommodating to the unique requirements of all of our clients, there are some instances where we simply cannot release them for fear of their safety and well-being.

This includes extreme distances, extreme weather, presence of birds of prey and time of day to name a few. If you are unsure if your event is suitable for an event release please call us and we will be happy to assist you to in making your special event truly memorable.

“Although these attractive sandy doves grace our bird tables or greet us at dawn… Their story is one of the most extraordinary of any bird.”David Attenborough¬†–¬†BBC Wildlife Narrator